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Trade and Diplomacy in the Golden Age of Greece

Parthenon: Rise of the Aegean is a computer game set in the islands of the Aegean Sea. It is 600 B.C. and mainland Greece stands on the threshold of glory. The Aegean Islands now attempt to share in that glory and thrive in an increasingly dangerous world.

You are Strategos, ruler of an Aegean Island. Your villages produce commodities that you can trade with other islands and distant lands across sea.

Sail your fleets and face the deadly hazards that await. Great treasure lies on distant shores of Italy, Carthage and Egypt.

Develop your island's culture by building structures upon your acropolis. Create philosophies and great wonders that will inspire generations to come.

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Based on the award winning board game by Jason Hawkins and Andrew Parks, in association with Siren Bridge Publishing!

Coming soon to iPad and iPhone!

Also for Windows and Mac OS X

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